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2 Male Sugar Gliders

PostPosted: Wed Apr 09, 2014 8:20 pm
by 7Richer
Please know this is very hard for me, heart breaking because I will miss these guys so much. Just I don't think it is fair to keep them. They don't get enough attention sadly and I want them to live a life with someone who will love them every day they have them like one of their family. Please do not attempt to purchase my little friends if you are new to sugar gliders or have an interest in them because they look cute and interesting. I want my little guys to goto someone who knows what they are doing and will love them no matter what.

I have 2 sugar gliders just about 2 years old. They are in separate cages because they are both not neutered and Gizmo is very territorial. I tried having them together before in one cage but they didn't get along. Sad. Here is a little about both of them

Dexter: He is a chubby, loving, and curious little guy. He loves almost any food and likes to love bite. He also loves to be scratched and rubbed. He needs someone who will show him love and exercise everyday.

Gizmo: He is thinner and more fussy. He loves his wheel and is a picky eater. He is more of a loner and antisocial, so he needs someone who will spend time with him to get to be more friendly.

I am too busy with college and getting into a career and all sorts of things, I feel guilty not giving them the attention they so desperately deserve. I love them enough to give them away to someone who will love them more.

Please only serious buyers. Both go together and I will decide if you are a good enough home or not. Don't even message me or contact me if you aren't serious about another addition to your home. I want this to be the 2nd and last home in their life.

I am selling it all, a beautiful cage that is split into 2 with all the toys, food, dishes, wheels, bonding pouches, blankets, and all. All that with the little guys for $300. Price may be negotiable, I would give away for free to a loving owner, but I can't trust that, so the price is meant for serious people only.

I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Please contact me via